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Reclaiming Farm Land

I used a free website for this subject so I am not in control of the banners you see at the bottom of this page.

I created this site as it is too time consuming to have to present this suggestion to a lot of people.

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I used to walk long distances in the far western US States a long time ago.

One of the main things that I remember is the stretch of interstate highway that intersects I-8 with I-10 near Tucson Arizona and passes through the area from that intersection on I-8 to Yuma Arizona.

There looks like thousands of acres of farm land that has nothing growing on it because it is used up and drying away.

I passed miles of fence line and it all looked the same!!

Like someone has plowed a desert!! And the desert won!!


My Suggestion is this-

After every major hurricane in the south and the east the high winds have destroyed a lot of trees and tree limbs that usually the state hires contractors to cut apart grind up and haul away.

Why not utilize this resource by creating thousands of tons of compost and shipping it by railway lowboy or other railroad bulk carrier to a drop off delivery point near the farmland area!!

Over a period of decades enough of this compost material could be delivered to the point of turning this area of arid used up soil into a fertile agricultural resource that would last for many more years to come!!